Franc Arman with Franc Arman Teran Barrique Wine

Franc Arman with a bottle of his award winning Franc Arman Teran Barrique from Istria. Teran wine from Istria Croatia has been banned by the EU.

The pre-emptive strike by the Slovenia government, which started as early as 2009, on Croatian and Italian wine producers, by registering the wine ‘Teran’ name as being a Protected Designation of Origin for the Kras region of Slovenia, is astonishing in its brazenness and absurdity:

“The European Commission said on Monday that Croatian producers cannot sell wine under the name of Teran, which is recognised as originating in Slovenia’s Kras under protected designation of origin. After Croatia joins the EU in July, the sale of Teran-labelled wine from the country will also not be allowed in Croatia.

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