Flora Turner-Vucetic with publishes at launch event ofThe Sweet Taste of a Dalmatian Love Affair

Flora Turner-Vučetić with Dr David Davison and Dr Rajka Makjanic who are the owners of the academic publishing house Archaeopress in Oxford .

In the background some enlarged images from the book and a silk embroidery and painting that my grandmother made and used for the book cover. 

Nicholas Haas tasting some of the dainties cooked from The Sweet Taste of a Dalmatian Love Affair

Nicholas Haas, retired British Airways pilot, tastes delicacies prepared by Flora Turner-Vučetić at Keats House from the 63 original Dalmatian recipes in The Sweet Taste of a Dalmatian Love Affair"

The taste of love at Keats House

Keats House in London was the venue on 21 June 2013 for the launch event of Flora Turner-Vučetić latest book ‘The Sweet Taste of a Dalmatian Love Affair’, containing Dalmatian family recipes laced with a love story set in the early 1900’s between her grandmother and grandfather.

The book is published as part of the ‘Welcome Croatia Festival’, which is celebrating Croatia’s EU membership, which starts on the 1st of July 2013.

Flora treated guests at her launch party to homemade baked savoury and sweet nibbles form the recipes in the book  This included the special Croatian black pepper and honey cookies ‘paprenjaci’ with appropriate decorations and a glass of Kabola Malvazija Istarska 2011 Vrhunsko.

Film critic and wine connoisseur Philip B. was delighted with his favourite Istrian wine pleasantly chilled and served with Dalmatian sweets.

Jenny B. a reader of a pre-launch copy of the book congratulated Flora saying: " ...you are, I hope, very proud of a wonderful celebration of such a passionate and romantic family history. I could not put the book down and had to read it that very night....You are so right food and love are meant to be shared and you have done it in so much elegance, style and classiness...”.

There were many other similar comments which were backed up by lots of books being sold on the night.

The book is published by Archaeopress www.archaeopress.com and to get your own copy ''The Sweet Taste of a Dalmatian Love Affair" can be purchased online for £16.50.

The book cover for The Sweet Taste of a Dalmatian Love Affair

Order now ''The Sweet Taste of a Dalmatian Love Affair"  for £16.50.
Contains 63 original Dalmatian recipes.