Franc Arman with Franc Arman Teran Barrique Wine

Franc Arman with a bottle of his award winning Franc Arman Teran Barrique from Istria. Teran wine from Istria Croatia has been banned by the EU.

The pre-emptive strike by the Slovenia government, which started as early as 2009, on Croatian and Italian wine producers, by registering the wine ‘Teran’ name as being a Protected Designation of Origin for the Kras region of Slovenia, is astonishing in its brazenness and absurdity:

“The European Commission said on Monday that Croatian producers cannot sell wine under the name of Teran, which is recognised as originating in Slovenia’s Kras under protected designation of origin. After Croatia joins the EU in July, the sale of Teran-labelled wine from the country will also not be allowed in Croatia.

Croatia did not object when Slovenia registered Teran for protected designation of origin, Roger Waite, the press officer of Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolos told the STA on Monday.

In line with EU regulation, Teran is a protected Slovenian product and as of 1 July no Croatian wine can be sent to the market under this name, added Waite.

The statement comes after Slovenian authorities found Croatian wine labelled Teran being sold in stores around the country and ordered that the contentious wine be removed from the store shelves last week.” (23 April 2013)

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Teran from Slovenia in wine reference books is always identified as being from the Refosk grape. Teran from Istria Croatia and Northern Italy is known and identified as Teran, an indigenous grape confirmed by DNA analysis. So for Slovenia to claim brand and regional protection of the word Teran is absurd as Slovenian Teran is not even made from Teran, but another grape, Refosk.

Oliver Arman of Franc Arman, one of Istria’s top Teran producers, famous for his Teran and Teran Barrique, has taken steps to fight against this EU legislation and protectionism by registering the words “Teran is Istrian” “Teran je Istriajan”®as a trade mark. He has also been lobbying hard through the broadcast media to create awareness of this outrageous stealth attack on Croatian and Italian wine producers.

Oliver Arman of Franc Arman explains the Teran Dispute with Slovenia:

Tony Hodges of Brand Story says the True Teran is Istrian and supported by the truth:

Elido Pilato, who supplies Pilato Malvazija Istarska 2011 to a major UK supermarket said: “It is not right for Slovenia to do this as Teran has been recorded in wine books as an indigenous grape from Istria for centuries.”

The impact will also be felt by EU importers of Teran wines from Istria as their stock will be illegal for sale in the EU from 1st July 2013.

James B Waddell, Managing Director of Croatian Fine Wines Limited, a UK importer of Croatian wine from acclaimed Istrian producers of Teran wine: Franc Arman, Pilato and Kabola, commented on this new legislation:

“The Slovenian’s Teran brand grab is a desperate attempt to disrupt and destroy the supply of the internationally recognised world class Istrian Teran producers, when Croatia enters the EU.

Who in the world, apart from the Slovenians, would think that Teran grape wines originated from the Kras region and needed protecting?

It is even more farcical given that Slovenian Teran is not even made from the Teran grape but the Refosk grape.

Teran is not a region or a process of production it is an indigenous grape found in Istria and Northern Italy, not Slovenia, and used to make Teran wine. If the Slovenians want to registered the name Kras for their Teran (Refosk), that’s fine as this is similar to other wine names defined by their region of origin for example Chablis, Sancerre, Champagne, but not to the grape.

The True Teran is Istrian.”


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